Leading with Character: A Real-Life Red Roof Report

Featured Guest: George Limbert

“Character is what you do.”

That’s a fundamental leadership principle for George Limbert, president of Red Roof.  This is our second visit with George since he began his leadership journey as a first-time corporate president last summer.  Red Roof has prospered under his guidance, proving the value of his philosophies.  Character sits at their core.

A focus on character led to many innovations at Red Roof, including their Women’s Center for Excellence and Women in Leadership programs to help level the gender playing field, particularly in the lodging industry.

To keep character objectively defined, and his actions with character exemplary for his team, George looks at himself and his team through the lens of judicial temperament.  It’s a non-biased way of looking at a situation from all sides to determine its core truth; it comes naturally to George, whose legal background goes beyond law school with deep roots in family: his father is a judge, and a brother and sister are also attorneys.

George shares the many ways any good leader can display character, calmly analyze corporate storms, and deal with other real life ups and downs of leadership with host Maureen Metcalf.  Join us for this episode filled with practical examples from Red Roof.


George Limbert

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