Learn From Every Patient – How Will It Change Medicine?

Guest: William E. Smoyer, M.D.

In an era where we are facing major changes to our medical system, with medical costs as high at 20% of GDP, Bill is a leader who is working to address this challenge. On this show, we talked about the need for physician leadership because of the dramatic changes required in the health field. Bill will talk about some of those changes and a program he created that moves us toward that solution. The conversation includes: 1. Why do you think leadership matters for physicians at this point in history? 2. Tell us about the Learning from every patient program? 3. Why is this program so important? 4. How will it change the practice of medicine? 5. How will it impact the average consumer – what will it do to my experience when I go to the Dr.? Bill offers compelling solutions to current challenges and also talks about the difficulty in implementing major changes in organizations.


William E. Smoyer, M.D.

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Health Care Leadership, Leadership Trends and Strategy, Leading with Care, Resilience


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