Machine Learning and Analytics: Case Study

Guests: James Brenza & Joe Hammond

People are talking about machine learning and analytics and the possible impacts they may have. During this show, we provide an overview of what these terms mean and equally importantly, give a case study of a company using them to solve a problem. These tools have the potential to change how problems and work is done in many sectors. We want to talk about the concept broadly and illustrate a practical application to spark you as leaders to consider how it might impact you and even better, how you might chose to harness it proactively to improve your impact and your business effectiveness. Additionally, we’ll talk about the impact on leaders when you move into product creation and how that can impact your perspective. James and Joe are founders of XDS, a premier provider of analytic solutions that facilitate financial compliance. It is a humbling experience to lead an awesome team while solving some of the toughest challenges providing fast results and massive ROI’s.


James Brenza , Joe Hammond

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