Manage Stress and Improve Performance

Guest: Maryanna Klatt

Maryanna Klatt is an accomplished researcher looking at the connection of mindfulness and performance across multiple populations and organizations.  The interview focuses on Maryanna’s work with mindfulness based interventions and how leaders can use them to improve their effectiveness and encourage their organizations to use it to impact work groups beyond the impact on individual leaders. This concept is particularly important in helping leaders manage the stress associated with the volume of change organizations are currently facing and that leaders are responsible to anticipate and manage. Maryanna’s work is highly research based – Her program, “Mindfulness in Motion” is an evidenced –based approach to stress reduction in the workplace. Topics include:  1. Maryanna’s research findings.  2. Discussing specifics of what mindfulness is and how leaders can use as well as the results they can expect.  3. Balancing mindfulness practices to reduce stress and improve performance while minimizing time invested in the practice.


Maryanna Klatt

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Mindfulness and performance, Stress management, Research findings, Mindfulness practices, Performance improvement