Moving Into ‘C’ Level: Angelo Mazzocco Career

Guest: Angelo Mazzocco

As a CIO and member of the executive team, Angelo’s focus is well beyond that of CIO – he focuses on overall success and health of his organization, Central Ohio Primary Care. This means he shifted his activities and mindset when promoted to “C” level. During this interview, Angelo talks about how his career evolved and how he made these important shifts. He also talks about how his personal life events prompted him to make specific job choices and how these choices unfolded to create success. He discusses the following topics: 1. How did your role change when you got your first “C” level role? 2. How was this different than you anticipated? 3. Where do you spend your time? 4. What is your technology role? How much time? 5. What is your role in the community? 6. Why do you invest so much in building cross industry CIO success, student success and manager success? If you aspire to fill a “C” level or senior role, this conversation provides great insight!


Angelo Mazzocco

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