Nonprofit Leadership – Keys to Success for Non profit leaders and their board members

Guest: Dani Robbins 

Dani has served as an Executive Director, coached boards and now teaches at The Ohio State University focusing on nonprofit leadership. During this discussion she will answer several questions that relate to being effective either as a nonprofit leader or board member.

1. What is a nonprofit? (short answer)
2. You and I wrote a nonprofit leadership book together – why did you invest your time to do this?
3. What do you want leaders to understand about effective nonprofit?
4. What is a typical nonprofit structure?
5. What is the role of a nonprofit Board?
6. What should you know if you’re invited to serve? Is that different than what you should know if you’re already serving?
7. If you want to get involved in a nonprofit, either in Board leadership or as volunteer or staff, where should you to start?


Dani Robbins

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