Personal Freedom and Flow: Leaders Building Self Awareness – Part 1

Guest: Christopher Cooke, Sheila Cooke, Carla Morelli & James Svagerko

As leaders one of the foundations for effective performance is self-knowledge and self-management. We recommend assessment tools to help us make sense of what we are learning and also to get feedback from others to expose possible blind spots. During this series, we will share information about the tool and give you the opportunity to participate by taking your own assessment and hearing how others work with it. Part one of the series introduces the participants and the LeaderView tool. Christopher and Sheila are the coaches and also creators of the LeaderView and LeaderView 360 tools. They will discuss: 1. What is personal freedom and flow? 2. What is the business case for a leader to invest time and money in this process? 3. Meet the participants and learn about their leadership development goals (we will walk through the process with Jim Svagerko and Carla Morelli as they get engage in the assessment and coaching process).


Christopher Cooke, Sheila Cooke, Carla Morelli, James Svagerko

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Leadership development, Self-knowledge, Self-management, Leadership development goals