Red Roof Revisioning the Future

Featured Guest: George Limbert

Helping nurses and doctors during the pandemic. Assisting first responders as towns recover from natural disasters. Joining the fight against human trafficking.

Red Roof’s evolution as a corporation is more than just another branding story. New president George Limbert firmly believes leaders must guide their organizations into always doing what is right: for customers, of course, but also for employees…and communities. As a new president, we plan on following George quarterly to better learn his vision, observe his evolution and growth as a leader, and study how he incorporates his principles into day-to-day operations. Join us for this first introductory episode as George discusses his history, and the steps he’s already taken in the midst of 2021’s radical viral, social, and economic changes.


George Limbert

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Health Care Leadership, Leadership Development, Leading with Care, Organizational Transformation, Resilience, Team Effectiveness


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