The Emerging Role of Board and Cyber Security

Guest: Dr. Dale Meyerrose

As the organizational ecosystem continues to change, board directors and trustees must better understand the nature of their roles and how they are changing to address the increased complexity they face. Dr. Dale Meyerrose explores the role of board members in depth then explores some of the responsibilities. During the second segment, Dale discusses an innovative way to think about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis SWOT as it applies to cyber security. He integrates and aligns an analysis of cyber security and other strategic differentiators across all four quadrants in the SWOT. During the third segment, we discuss leadership depreciation and how effective leaders look at leadership across the SWOT analysis and how they update their approach to leadership. Dale shares how he navigated a distinguished military, government, corporate, and nonprofit career by continually reinventing himself.


Dr. Dale Meyerrose

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