Translate Success Today to Success Tomorrow Using Innovation

Guest: Tamara Kleinberg

Tamara’s life is about breaking through the status quo for game-changing results –and, that’s what her clients learn how to do, too! During this show, we talk about some of the key elements that enable her clients to be successful and how those same elements can become barriers if not attended to. As we talk about the rate of change and the need to innovate – Tamara is an expert in the art and science of innovation – not just changing products but also culture and mindset. We explore: 1. What is your biggest pet peeve about only special people innovate? 2. When is it time to innovate? 3. Why do some organizations excel at developing great ideas but they can’t put them into practice? 4. Why as leaders do we need to go beyond lip service and give them tools? 5. What tools do you provide through your launchstreet platform? 6. What is an innovation quotient and an innovation archetype? How do I use this information to help position people in innovation roles?


Tamara Kleinberg

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Connex Executive Insights, Innovative Leadership, Leading with Care, Workforce Development


Rate of change, Art and science of innovation, Time to innovate, Innovation quotient, Innovation archetype