Wake up and Smell The Coffee: The Imperative of Teams

Guest: Simon Mac Rory

We will talk about Simon’s book Wake up and smell the coffee: The imperative of Teams. Teamwork is such a quintessential and critical element of organizational life. Teams are an imperative to agile and effective organizational performance. With a consistent and sustained effort much can be achieved in terms of improving team effectiveness and the associated benefits of increased productivity and impact to the bottom line. Around 90% of what we do in the organization today happens through collaborative effort. This makes teamwork the imperative that it is. In today’s challenging and increasingly complex business environment we need teams to deliver. If the organization can deliver a 5% improvement across the entire organization in terms of team effectiveness, imagine the impact to the bottom line. Simon believes that the approach he advocates, if implemented across the organization, can deliver up to a 20% improvement in effectiveness.


Simon Mac Rory

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Collaborative teamwork, Organizational improvement, Team effectiveness, Increased productivity, Effective organizational performance