Who is really in Control? Neuroscience – Re-imagining Leadership

Guest: Gary Weber

Gary and Maureen talk about the leadership “operating systems” people are working with based on our brain programming and our level of conscious awareness of this operating system. When we increase our awareness, we can reprogram this operating system to move beyond the survival and ego based system to a more deliberate, service based, long term success oriented system. In our current time with increasing complexity and challenge, we as leaders need to commit to updating this operating system to ensure future generations thrive. This updating is something that must be done by each leader – we can’t look to those in political roles or senior roles to take care of it – all of us have a responsibility. The discussion includes an in-depth discussion of: 1. how decisions are made by the brain, 2. the impact of confirmation bias and how to navigate it, 3. the illusion of control, how to relinquish this perception, and the benefit of making this change


Gary Weber

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Board Leadership, Coaching, Global Leadership, Health Care Leadership


Long-term success, Service-based system, Conscious awareness, Leadership