Leaders Building Self Awareness: Stepping Through the Worldview Membrane: Learning to Engage the Organization ‘part 4 of 4’

Guest: Christopher Cooke, Sheila Cooke, Carla Morelli & James Svagerko

As leaders one of the foundations for effective performance is self-knowledge and self-management. We recommend assessment tools to help us make sense of what we are learning and also to get feedback from others to expose possible blind spots. During the show, Christopher and Sheila work with the coaches, Carla and Jim They: – Invite coachees to tell them how their peer conversations went. What did they learn? How has their relationship shifted? • Invite the peers of the coachees to participate and interview them about their experience. • How has this experience changed engagement at work for coachees and peers? Has there been a ripple effect beyond them? • What can we learn by looking at the data from the listening audience?


Christopher Cooke, Sheila Cooke, Carla Morelli, Jams Svagerko

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