PRESS RELEASE: Insightful New Book “Innovative Leadership & Followership in the Age of AI” Updates Leadership in the Digital Era

In an era where technology is driving the need for transformation at an unprecedented pace, traditional leadership models demand a profound evolution.

Innovative Leadership & Followership in the Age of AI: A Guide to Creating Your Future as Leader, Follower, and AI Ally is the latest addition to the renowned Innovative Leadership series. Authored by a team of experts in the field, this book is poised to revolutionize how leaders and followers navigate the dynamic landscape of leadership in the age of artificial intelligence.


Key Highlights of Innovative Leadership & Followership in the Age of AI include:

• Leadership Skills for the Future: Readers will gain access to practical tools, knowledge, and strategies that empower them to take their leadership skills to the next level and co-create the future.
• Technological Synergy: The book illuminates how leaders can effectively collaborate with intelligent systems to make informed and ethical decisions, embracing the full potential of AI.
• The New Followership: Leaders can strengthen their relationship with their followers by understanding the dynamics between leadership and followership.
• Ethical Implications: Leaders are equipped to navigate the complex ethical considerations of leading in an AI-driven world, addressing several issues, including algorithmic bias issues and hallucinations.


Authored by Maureen Metcalf, M.B.A., Erin S. Barry, M.S., Dan Mushalko, Devon Mushalko, and Neil E. Grunberg, Ph.D., contributing author and forward by Neil Sahota, CEO of ACSI, Labs, United Nations (UN) AI Advisor, IBM Master Inventor, and author of Own the A.I. Revolution. “Innovative Leadership & Followership in the Age of AI”, along with contributions from Michael Morrow-Fox, M.B.A., ED.S., is now available for purchase at major book retailers, both online and in stores.


Read the full press release for Innovative Leadership & Followership in the Age of AI here.

Available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Coming soon to Audible.

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